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St Joseph's PTA

Thrillzone Takapuna Package

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This fantastic package includes everything you could want to do at Thrillzone!

1x up to 2pp omni multiplayer VR (30 min) = valued at $90 Exp 28/2/2023

1 x up to 2pp Hologate Multiplayer VR (30 mins) = valued at $90 Exp 28/2/2023

1 x up to 4pp race car simulator up to 4pp = valued at $136 Exp 28/2/2023

1 x up to 4pp race car simulator up to 4pp = valued at $136 Exp 28/2/2023

1 x up to 4pp Escape Adventure = valued at $100 Exp 28/2/2023

Total Value $552


Omni Virtual Reality – the only way to run in VR!

A state-of-the-art multiplayer virtual gaming adventure that completely immerses you into different dimensions. One moment you are living in your world, the next moment you are lost in ours. You know you’re just visiting, but your mind is convinced otherwise!

Equipped with special shoes, Omni VR is the only Virtual Reality System that allows you to physically RUN through the virtual dimensions whilst playing the games! A single- or multiplayer gaming experience like no other one before.

Holgate Multiplayer

Immerse yourself into the fully-realised future of entertainment with Hologate VR, a one of its kind multiplayer gaming experience perfect for friends and family.

See, move and feel the VR dimensions in a completely immersive and realistic way while your body becomes the controller and your mind believes it’s real! 

Hologate VR lets you live the adventure! You might find yourself in the middle of a massive snowball fight, competing on a challenging rhythm and beat battle or trying to survive a zombie attack together with your friends…

We have something for everyone! Our state-of-the-art VR technology allows you to play together or even against your team.


Race Car Simulator

Ever wanted to experience the thrill & excitement of driving a race car? Wait no more! Our Simulator will transport you right into adrenaline & drama of real track racing!

You need to be quick, you need to be fierce and you need to respond with precision as you tear up the tracks! Challenge yourself and your friends to find out who is the fastest and beat the track record!  Don’t live life in the passenger seat! Come along and put your skills to the test!!!

Escape Adventure

Enter our Escape Adventure and immerse yourself into a challenging next-level combination of a scavenger hunt, escape room, and augmented reality around Aucklands Takapuna! This outdoor game makes you play incorporated puzzles with code-cracking elements while experiencing exciting AR features & geolocation technology, without the confines of a physical room. 

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